In order to guarantee best quality and economy of injection molded plastic parts, high-class precision molds are the key factor. Our high-tech tooling shop is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machinery, cross-linked with their own job-management-system (JMS). The CAD design data are forwarded directly to CAM programming of the CNC-tooling machines.

From there they are transferred to the respective machines. This means for you: We guarantee you the highest-possible data integration and automation level while avoiding transcription errors. Automatic tool and workpiece changes are carried out by robots employing standardized palletizing and clamping systems.

Milling and EDM

Modern machines and production techniques

We use modern production techniques in our tooling shop in order to implement your ideas. Besides the production of molds we also offer other services such as EDM- and wire EDM-services, the production of electrodes made of copper or graphite, high-speed cutting etc..

Precision for highest ambitions

Molds at the customer's option

Our tooling shop accomplishes elaborate multi-component molds and multi-cavity molds.